Ladies & Gentlemen, BIG Announcement!! 😏

On 27th of december we will organize a new CS:GO tournament: Santa’s Prisonbreak🏆. With 16 teams in total: 12 are invited! 4 teams will be qualified! Are you ready? The tournament will start at 12:00 CET (GMT +1) and will approx. end around 23:00 CET (GMT +1). During the tournament we will have a 1,5 hour break.

❌ Mark your calender! ❌

These matches will be played 1 week prior the event on Sunday 20th of December 12:00 CET.
Wanna participate? You can register for the qualifier with this link:

The prize pool will be a total of €125!

Games will be played via Faceit Hubs. As back-up we have several 128 tick servers. The official competitve mappool will be used for this tournament.

The tournament will have a group stage of 4 teams each groups. All teams in each group will face eachother in a BO1. The number 1 & 2 of each group will continue to the single elimination BO1 bracket. The finals will be played in a BO3. The group stage will be drawn live 1 hour before the tournament!

Atleast 1 member of each team should be availble on our Discord server during the tournament: Each team has their own private channel on the Discord server.
Admins will be avaiable in the Discord server during the tournament and will make sure that all of the matches will start on time.

The tournament will be streamed on

📅 27th December 2020
⏰ 12.00 – 22.00 CET (breaks inbetween)
⚔ 16 Prisoner squads
ℹ Groupstage + Single elimination
💰 €100,- for the first place

📅 20th December 2020
⏰ 12.00 – 18.00 CET
⚔ Maximum of 128
ℹ Single elimination bracket
💰 €25,- for the first place & 4 spots for main event


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