Ladies & Gentlemen … we have NEWS! 😏

On 26th of September we will organize a new CS:GO tournament: B2S CUP πŸ† (Back to School). This time we are going bigger than before with 16 teams! The tournament will start at 12:00 CEST (GMT +2) and will approx. end around 23:00 CEST (GMT +2). During the tournament we will have a 1,5 hour break.

❌ Mark your calender! ❌

you can register yourself and your team by sending a message to our Facebook or Instagram channel. From there it will be handled further. The registration fee is € 5 per team.

**Price Pool**
The price pool will be a total of €100 (that’s 4x the amount of previous edition!).

Games will be played via Faceit Hub. As back-up we have several 128 tick servers. The official competitve mappool will be used for this tournament.

The tournament will have a group stage of 4 teams each groups. All teams in each group will face eachother in a BO1. The number 1 & 2 of each group will continue to the single elimination BO1 bracket. The finals will be played in a BO3. The link to the bracket & schedule is TBA.

Atleast 1 member of each team should be availble on our Discord server during the tournament: Thereby, each team has their own private channel on the Discord server.

All announcements according to the tournament will be shared on the Discord. Tournament admins will be avaiable in the Discord server during the entire tournament and will make sure that all of the matches will start on time. Admins will contact each team captain when their game is ready to start.

**Extra information**

– We are participating with 4 teams on behalf of Alcatrazz Gaming

– The tournament will be streamed on 2 Twitch channels. Our 2nd Twitch channel is: (T.B.A.)

– We still have empty slots free for participation. Feel free to send an invitation to your CS:GO network. All lvl’s / skills are welcome! The skill level of the current teams are very variable between average lvl 3 faceit and 2500 elo.



πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†Greetz Alcatrazz πŸ’œ

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